Tuesday, 20 February 2018

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bob@geologyadventures.com   Email is always the best way to contact us!  Unless we're on a mountain beyond cell range, we check email every day.

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c/o Littlely, 19 Clarence St., Nhill, Vic 3518 Australia



Phone: (425) 413-1122

24 hour answering machine, only monitored when we're not out digging.  Leave a message, we will (eventually) call you back.  You'll get quicker service if you email.

We're often in the field for weeks at time, so it may take a while to return your call or e-mail.

The Fine Print

Join us for a wonderful adventure in Spain, home to the world's best pyrite collecting, fabulous fluorite and the type locality for aragonite.  Friendly people, easy accommodations, history at your doorstep, and great food make traveling there a pleasure.  We meet you at Barcelona airport, and step immediately back in time to the 9th century.  On our first nite, we sleep in comfort at a castle originally built before 900 AD  Our first collecting stop is on Day 2, finding pyrite cubes at the world famous mines in Navajun.  Over 3 days time, you'll collect abundant pyrite in 3 different habits, including impressive matrix specimens of cubes and bars at localities not open to the public. 

We'll continue our journey thru Spain's mini-Alps, the Picos de Europa.  In the Picos, we'll visit the largest cave in Spain, and collect beautiful fluorite while exploring the eye-catching scenery produced when Spain smashed into France, along what is now the Atlantic coast.  Using Bob's contacts, we'll visit great private collections and share the expertise of local collectors.  Join us for an exhilerating experience in one of Europe's most ancient cultures. 13 days of fun in the sun!

kangarooCombine California's best beaches, the rugged beauty of the Oregon coast, add abundant exotic wildlife and some great rock digging: That's Australia's south coast! We'll hunt calcite, selenite, smoky quartz, spectacular fossils, and geodes while camping with kangaroos, koalas, and emus. We pick you up in Melbourne and travel through the heart of Australia's gold rush country. Their rush was bigger than California's, and produced picturesque towns with beautiful architecture.

We'll explore the "bush", with its abundant wildlife, camp at private mining sites, and experience the real Australia. You'll easily fill your carry-on luggage with good specimens, and we'll ship the rest home for you. Dig, hammer, and collect your way across our favorite stretch of Australia!

Read our trip report here.


Next possible trip: late November, 2017  Precise dates adjustable to your schedule.  Email us with the subject line: Australia Trip to get on our waitlist for the next trip