Sunday, 19 November 2017

Contacting Us

E-mail:   Email is always the best way to contact us!  Unless we're on a mountain beyond cell range, we check email every day.

Main Postal address:
PO Box 809, Ravensdale, WA 98051 USA


Canadian Postal address:

18850 Pass Crk/RC East FSR,  Grand Forks, BC V0H 1H8 Canada


Australian Postal address:

c/o Littlely, 19 Clarence St., Nhill, Vic 3518 Australia



Phone: (425) 413-1122

24 hour answering machine, only monitored when we're not out digging.  Leave a message, we will (eventually) call you back.  You'll get quicker service if you email.

We're often in the field for weeks at time, so it may take a while to return your call or e-mail.

The Fine Print

 I'm Bob Jackson, a retired geologist. I've been collecting minerals, fossils, and plain ol' pretty rocks since I was a Cub Scout, and now I'm ... well, practically a fossil myself. While working as a collector for museums, I've acquired some world class collecting localities.

In 1983, after running school field trips for my wife's 3rd grade classes, I founded Geology Adventures, which now provides collecting opportunities and learning experiences to over 1500 people per year. If collecting abundant mineral specimens amid spectacular mountain scenery appeals to you, try our Rock Candy or Rockin adventures.

If your kids think getting dirty in search of crystal or fossil treasures would be fun, join us for a day of exciting, educational exploration on our Crystal Kid or Amber trips; or join one of our 3 to 5 day "Rockin" summer adventures across the west, collecting goodies as we go.

If adventure travel is what you crave, join us for amazing collecting experiences in Australia or Spain. See you in the hills!

Booking School Trips

School trips do not post to our online calendar.  Book a school trip by emailing us. 

Upcoming Trips

There are no upcoming events.